Pipe Related Links

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KIRSTEN at present (January 2013) it is not known if they are still manufaturing these pipes. Many problems can be solved by seeing the link to Elies
FALCON now under new ownership and link is email only
A useful briar pipe makers identifier
To assist clay pipe collectors
A site for clay pipe collectors
History of S M Frank and thereby Kaywoodie, Yellow Bole and Medico
Alexander Zavvos, a Greek pipe maker
Ermec meerschaum pipes currently in manufascture in Turkey, compatible with Falcon.
A 'metals' collector who also makes exotic free hand briars BIG PLUS, Elie collects system pipes and has a great knack in producing all types of bowls for them. A real find for those whose favourite pipe is no longer made and the bowl is beyond use.
The collection of Bill Taylor, a wonderful site covering "the pipe", venturi , "the smoke" and "the pipe made in england"
A French site with many different pipes of all themes. Google translation into German or English is available
Falcon history in an e book. The USA link and also here, the UK Amazon link
Act on CO2, the truth
The Pipe Museum of Netherlands website, in English. Another aspect of pipe collecting
New site with some history of Dr Grabow
Not "metals", but Invicta Briars have been a great help in my hobby and do make excellent pipes.

An Aussie who likes Falcons and other metals and turns his own bowls