LINDBERGH - Metallique

Department : METAL STEM & Threaded bowl
An aluminium alloy stem and a vulcanite mouthpiece made in France.
The briar bowl is attached by screw in briar bowl, four start. It will take an Alco bowl.
Stamped below cup “Lindbergh France” or "Lindbergh Metallique". More confusion, a deep bronze coloured Lindbergh, not stamped under cup but on stem Lindbergh Spiralo. A slightly different pattern and although a 4 start thread, not properly interchangeable with the others. If that is not enbough confusion there is a silver metal Kayos Spiralo virtually identical to the Lindbergh Spiralo
The four start bowl being a peculiarity of Falcon, I checked with Roger Mertona but it seems there is no connection

To further confuse the issue, there is an Italian made “Drymaster” virtually identical in everyway to the Metallique except the lettering , but having a single thread. This one is stamped "Drymaster Metallic Italy.The Drymaster bowl has a large opening at the base, similar to the Dr. Plumb Peacemaker.
The two are seen here in lower photo, Drymaster on right.
A further confusion is the plastic stemmed Drymaster made in Italy that is of the Dr Grabow Viking genre
Each of these pipe variants has it's own page on site
Overall Length: 5 1/2 inch 141 m/m

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