Department : METAL STEM & Threaded bowl
Titan, made in England is unusual in that the screw is part of the cup and the bowl has a threaded insert 'nut'.
The stem is of stainless steel, and cleaning by immersing in boiling water is recommended for the metal stem only
Strangely there are two identical pipes, one stamped TITAN PATS PEND under the shank, near the mouth piece, and another with CITY PATS PEND. This of course calls for more investigation.

The bit comes in 3 styles, straight, curved and dental, an easy push fit to enable easy interchangeability. There were 6 shapes of bowl (in image below from left to right) which they called
Billiard which confusingly equates to the Falcon Dublin)
Bullcap (Falcon- Genoa)
Dublin equates to Falcon Algiers
Devon ( nearest in Falcon would be the Dublin)not shown here
Pot which I find it hard to differentiate from their Dublin
Apple seems the same in both ranges

Also found a meerschaum lined bowl
All six shapes were available in smooth or rustic and cost at the time of my brochure 16 shillings,(which means it had to be before 1971) or 80 p ( $1.40) in today's cash. The complete pipe was 2 ($3.70)
Not yet established the cost of the case set of pipe and three bowls

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