Department : METAL STEM & Screw thro bowl
Some confusion over this one..connected with Waldorf and Bon Aire. US Pat Design No D121935 by Henry T Schiff of Chicago dated 13 Aug 1940 would seem to apply to this pipe here, not the Bon Aire pipes. Bob Blair says his Gramaercy pipe is stamped so and Patent D116494 is the number marked on the box
The Waldorf Pipe Company were at 549 North Randolph Street, Chicago
Since that is the same address as that of the Challenger Pipe Company on a leaflet ( see 2nd image) with a pipe on ebay France in 2009, it adds yet another name to this pipe On the parts image, the front end of these two is different in that the left hand pipe has no screw top, however this may have been a personal modification, but one fails to see the point in it as it ensures the pipe stem cannot now be thoroughly cleaned
There are models with push fit valve in place of the threaded version. Unitl the history is established, await clarification on these and the Bon Aire, and images of any with stampings on the actual pipe. Many pipes are sold on in the incorrect boxes, leading to mis-identification.

Overall length here 4 7/8 inch (124 m/m)

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