Department : METAL STEM & Screw thro bowl
Daniels Lifetime Products, manufactured by Tomboy Machine products, 15105 Darwin Ave, Cleveland, Ohio certainly made an aluminium stemmed pipe with cooling fins, taking a filter, with a removable end screw cap to facilitate cleaning, BUT, this pipe came in a Daniels box and with a leaflet from Daniels, but I am not totally sure if this is the correct pipe. It does not seem quite right in the box and further more the leaflet refers to a plastic mouthpiece, where this one has a vulcanite mouthpiece
I have this one also as MARIANI after the inventor named on patent, and there seem to be two different bowl attachments, one with a screw embedded in the bowl and one with a seperate slot headed screw through the base of the bowl. Further information welcomed from anywhere !

The leaflet certainly links Daniels to Luminkraft, but I still have reservations as to this actual pipe. The only link to Daniels was it being in a Daniels box, which does not actually prove anything
It actually did not look "comfortable" in that box

My thanks to George Murry for the image of the leaflet.

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