Department : METAL STEM & Plug in bowls
GENTLE- another early system pipe that seems over engineered. The plastic outer bowl holds an inner, seemingly ceramic, liner with a perforated base.This all push fits into the vaned metal part which is in turn attached to the stem by a square nut. There are four smoke holes through to the stem. The stem appears not to be the usual method of increasing the distance for the smoke to travel, just a tar trap. There is a device at the front by which, twisting a collar, a small hole is opened allowing in air. I am sure the end cap must be removable, however my example is firm and I am not risking any damage. The name GENTLE is engraved on top of the stem in script lettering
The pipe shown with the blue blackground appears to have a diffent detail in the knurled end cap
No idea if this an earlier or later version. The seller of the "blue" one also could not undo this knurled piece.
Overall length is 6 inches (152 m/m)

The advert is from the October 1949 Popular Science magazine

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