unknown - MSPI - 1

Department : METAL STEM & Plug in bowls
Unknown maker, believed be a one-of-a-kind prototype that was never produced. It is a noteworthy design because of its simplicity. Whereas most system pipes tend to be overly or even wildly engineered, this one is ingeniously simple. The design has only has 3 parts- hard rubber push type bit, chromed metal or aluminum shank with ring shaped end, and a pure briar bowl that is simply friction fitted in the ring- no gaskets to tear, no threads to strip, no plugs or other parts to seize up. This example does have a 4th remedial part that the bent model does not have- a curved metal shim to keep the bowl tight- this lends itself to the theory that these were unique prototypes and not a final product ready for retail.
comments from Jeff Plummer, a specialist collector of 'metals' in USA.

lower 2 images from Doug Bisbee (www.dkmetalpipes.com) of the bent version.

Overall length 5 1/2 inches

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