FALCON International - non standard

Department : METAL STEM & Threaded bowl
my original comments were
One of the very few pipes I have ever found that takes a Falcon bowl but has no Falcon markings. The humidome is Falcon style with no mould number. The bit has the same tenon size as a Falcon International and takes the inline Falcon filter. The only clue is the stampng on the bit [ reg des 924134 ] and another with the Falcon logo on the mouth piece Overall length is 5 3/4 inches [ 146 m/m ]>>

Mystery solved: Roger Merton informs me that these are Falcon Internationals but without the outer casing to the frame. As the Falcon logo on the mouthpiece was discontinued in 1994, they pre date then. They were never sold in this state so it has to be assumed that someone has removed the outer brown casing for some reason. Perhaps after an accident to the pipes. Another variation to notice is the smooth underside on one pipe. None of my Internationals has this feature, they all have the 'castellated' version.
The larger image shows the usual International together with the 'inners'

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