Department : METAL STEM & Screw thro bowl
This s another mystery pipe. The bowl appears to be of the same material as the Bryson, i.e. compressed wood powder. Cannot make out it eh bowl retaining screw is steel or aluminium (Bryson used steeel, Kirsten used alloy. The stem has much of the look of a Kirsten, but the nose cap seems Bryson. The push rod could be adapted from either. Hopefully someone can come up with the answers, but until then I file it in my mind as a home made conglomerate.. Many folk seemed to have the necessary machinery and expertise to amend these metal pipes.

My luck changed when Nils Ivar Agøy from Norway contacted me. He has been researching pipes and came across the foundation of a pipe factory (Radar Pipefabrik) in Larvik in 1949. The founder was a Dane, Louis Mortensen, who had established a similar factory in Denmark in 1946. Due probably to the lifting of severe post-war trade restrictions, the Norwegian Radar factory folded in 1952. The Radar pipe was allegedly Mortensen’s own invention. The factory in Norway is supposed to have produced about 14 000 pipes up to August 1950, a much smaller volume than the Danish one (150 000).

Apparently the bowl inner coating was capable of withstanding temperatures of 11,000C to 12,000C. The outer coating was invented by Mortensen.

Sadly I have lost records of where i got the images from

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