ALCO Falcon, the first use of the name

Department : METAL STEM & Threaded bowl
Not to be confused with the Standard Alco or the Alco Universal.
This pipe came about as a result of George Hunt not wishing to risk a trademark dispute when commencing distribution of Falcon in the U.K.
One idea was to take out the F and N from the Falcon stamping on the heel of the frame. As related in my brief history of Falcon, 3 batches of 999 of these Falcons were shipped to the U.K. in the early 1950's
I have been looking for one for years. I did find one but it never felt quite right and now at last have one that seem right. Never having seen another it was touch and go whether to accept this as genuine.
My earlier acquisition seemed to have had the F and N very smoothly buffed off, a process too slow for a commercial operation, and the mould number did not seem to indicate the right chronology.
The one shown here fits all the boxes. The letters F and N have been taken out very quickly, seemingly ground out rather than any laborious buffing. The mould number also puts it in the right era. In all other respects, this is a standard straight Falcon.
As the trademark worry came to nothing, the original name was kept and the word Alco passed into pipe history as another quite different type of pipe made by Falcon
All I need to make my Falcon collection very nearly complete and perfect would be to acquire one of the solid gold Falcons, but I fear that will need a win on the Lottery!

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