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There are an incredible number of combinations of Falcon pipes. many variants of the stems and of the bowls. All I can hope to do here is to show some of them. Some of course are no longer avaliable but very many are. Contrary to most descriptions you will see, the smoke tube is not a twisted alloy tube , but a tube that has been scrolled to increase the surface area for cooling.
The company is still producing the pipes in UK but currently has no website. The pipes are widely available world wide and googling will soon guide you to a retailer.

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No one with an interest in Falcons can be without Kathy's book"Back from the Ashes"

The specialist reamer in the centre photgraph is unfortunately not available now, a great pity as it is by far the best way to maintain the bowls. As soon as I get this site fully populated, I will include a history of Falcon, for which I am indebted to Roger Merton of Merton & Falcon, and Larry Rathburn from Roanoke who has produced a "History of the Featherweight" with the assistance of the family of the inventor Kenley Bugg.The more recent revelations from Kathy Worthy are indeed a blessing to Falcon lovers. There are at least three distinct eras of Falcon production, those stamped under the stem with just the single word 'Falcon' indicating a USA made pipe, those with 'Falcon Ireland'( indicating, or it ought to,that the casting originated in Ireland but actually only some bowls originated in Ireland) and those with 'Falcon Made in England' which does tell us where that model actually originated from. The bowls come in an incredible range of shapes and finishes, but can always be pinned down as Falcon as they have a 4 start thread, enabling a quarter turn to lock them on the stem. Very , very few other makes have this feature

The numbers and letters under the humidome are mould numbers, those featuring a B will be the bantam size, a slightly shorter stem, which usually had a squat bowl, but will take all Falcon bowls.

The length of the standard stem, just the aluminium part is 4 7/32 inch (107 m/m)
The Bantam/Oxford range is 3 23/32 inch (94 m/m)
The Shillelagh is 4 1/8 inch (104 m/m)

Kenly Bugg has among other US patent numbers, 179,117 - 179,116 - 178,959

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