Department : METAL STEM & Plug in bowls

SCOTTIE molded into underside of plastic. The tubing is such that the smoke travel 18 inches from bowl to mouthpiece, the slot in the mouthpiece being there to divert smoke back round stem again.
Overall length is 6 1/16 inches (153 m/m)

US Patent 146209 Oct 31, 1945
Courtesy of Mike Robinson, Fort Wayne, Indiana ( Mike's wife's great uncle was the inventor) << Pipe was invented by Ernest Baxter, assisted by brother, Gaylord Baxter. Ernest never smoked, the tester being Gaylord. The pipes were produced in a home workshop in Gaylord's basement and sold at local fairs about a 50 mile radius of Fort Wayne. Mike says the family referred to the pipes as 'Baxter' pipes, but thinks the 'Scottie' may have come about due to Gaylord's Scottie dog, Nicky, but he is going to research that. The family has one pipe as a family heirloom, which will now be checked out as to this space >>,
The pipe was also marketed as Baxter Zephyr which has its own entry on this site. Yet another version appears as Tristem, also on this site

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