Department : METAL STEM & Screw thro bowl

An aluminium alloy stem and a vulcanite mouthpiece made in Seattle USA.

The imported briar bowl is attached by screw through the base of the chamber.

Stamped below the stem is either Spiral Kooler or Aero Kool, there is no difference in either model. I have an example with no stamping at all

Designed by Merrill G Sampson of the Aero Kool Pipe Company in Seattle. Initially the whole production went to the Armed Forces. They became more readily available in 1946 at $8.50. In 1946 the whole production was moved to a new facility at Santa Monica, California, losing only 3 days production time !

It was designed to meet the need of smokers who did not wish to have to be engineers to take their metal pipes apart to clean.  By the incorporation of a neoprene acid resistant gasket on the front end of the  integral mouthpiece/push rod, simply removing the mouthpiece cleans the shank at the same time. There should be an insulating fibre gasket between the bowl and shank

In 1947 an Aero Kool Convertible was produced. More conventional, metal condensation principle via metal tube between stem and bit and conventionl filter insert

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