FALCON Shillelagh, Rainbow, Variants

Department : METAL STEM & Threaded bowl
Top photograph shows at the top a selection of 4 Shillelagh. These are stamped FALCON MADE IN ENGLAND and on the humidome is stamped SHILLELAGH. The last two are Falcon Ireland
Centre photograph shows a selection of Falcons in natural finish. They are from the left, top row
Falcon (i.e made in U.S.A.)
Falcon Ireland (made in Ireland but I am unaware of dates)
lower row
Falcon Made in England
ROLLIT ; it is absolutely identical to other Falcons, the frame probably cast by Presbar Products and certainly produced at the time of the possible trademark problem in UK
There are examples and leaflets from Canada of this pipe, George Hunt having a company there
This last one is a Falcon Made in England but has STANDARD stamped on the humidome
somewhere there may be a version with ALCO instead of Falcon

In July 2004, on Ebay, there was a solid 9 carat gold Falcon (weighing 2 ounces without the meerschaum lined bowl), with an amber mouthpiece, all in a calfskin covered presentation case which went for £175 ($330).six were made, the gold frame being made by Johnson Matthey

Bottom photograph shows the Rainbow set (the gilt bent is missing). The colours are offically red, blue, gilt, green, purple
The bottom variety is a matt finish, which seems to be a deliberate design feature and would have been one of the last to be cast in USA judging by the mould number

Most of the variants of Falcon are here on this site.

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